Methyl Tin Mercaptide Your Must Know About Things

Methyl Tin Mercaptide Introduction

Mercaptan methyl tin is just one of the three type of Organotin. It is a clear, clear, and also thick liquid with good compatibility with PVC. It works with weak polar oils such as C8-C12 fatty alcohol, C8-C12 fat, phosphite fatty alcohol ester, and also oil. It is non-flammable and has a reduced freezing point, it is a viscous fluid even at-20 ℃.
Methyltin is the most possible organotin product in the field of PVC extrusion, calendering, impact molding and shot molding due to its easy process and affordable.

  • Chinese Name: 硫醇甲基锡
  • English Name: Methyl Tin Mercaptide
  • Chemical Structure Chemical Formula: C31H60O6S3Sn AND C22H44O4S2Sn
  • CAS NO: 57583-35-4 <20% & 57583-34-3 <80%
  • Synonyms:Methyl tin mercaptide PVC Heat Stabilizer, Methyl tin isooctyl mercaptoacetate stabilizers, Methyl tin Heat Stabilizer, Organotin Heat Stabilizer,Methyl tin mercaptide

Mercaptan Methyl Tin Heat stabilizer is the very best stable range. The production approach is as follows: Steel Tin is methylated with chloromethane under the action of temperature level 210-240 ℃, stress 1.0-1.3 MPA as well as Amine Phase-transfer catalyst, after disproportionation response, the material of trimethyltin chloride was regulated to be less than 0.1%, and then responded with isooctyl mercaptoacetate. Organotin commercial selections are generally separated into methyl tin, butyl tin and also Octyl Tin. As a result of its easy procedure, low cost and exceptional performance, Methyltin is one of the most prospective organotin item. Applied to PVC extrusion, calendering, impact molding as well as shot molding of various products, with superb initial coloring, transparency and thermal security, polyvinyl chloride is an essential additive for thin movies, sheets, plates, granular materials, pipelines, installations and also accounts.

The mix of dimethyl Tin Mercaptan and also Methyl Tin Mercaptan is primarily made use of in commercial products. The weight ratio of Mercaptan to dimethyl Tin Mercaptan is 20:80, and also the stability of Mercaptan is exceptional, dimethyl Tin Mercaptan displays better late security. Methyl Tin Mercaptan is approved by United States FDA (21CFR 178.2010) and also BGA (II A, 4C). It can be used in food product packaging products and also water pipes. As a result of its excellent performance, it can be utilized in the processing of food-grade tough transparent items with high processing needs.



Performance Index

  • Dimethyltin bis(2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate) : <20%
  • Methyltin tris(2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate) : <80%
  • Specification Color( Pt – Co value) : less than 30
  • Viscosity(25℃), mPa·S: 60-90
  • Special gravity( 25℃), g/cm3: 1.17 – 1.19
  • Tin content( % ): 19.2 ± 0.5
  • Physio-chemical Properties Appearance: transparent oily liquid (clear-light yellowish)

The Key Features of Mercaptan Methyl Tin PVC stabilizer

1. Exceptional Heat Stabilizer Features

Today, nothing else type of PVC stabilizer can exceed it in thermal security, it has excellent heat color stabilizer and also long-lasting vibrant stability. As a result, it is the recommended PVC stabilizer for inflexible PVC as well as is suitable for all homopolymers such as emulsions, suspensions and bulk PVC in addition to polyvinyl chloride, graft polymers as well as copolymers.

2. Excellent transparency

Organotin PVC stabilizer has excellent openness. Adopting the formula of Organotin, particularly Methyl Tin Mercaptan Warm stabilizer, the item can be taken shape without albinism. Therefore, can be made use of for containers, containers, bellows, different sorts of tough product packaging containers, pipes, profiles, movies and so on.

3. The item is safe

Methyl Tin Mercaptan is a non-toxic and eco-friendly stabilizer. Methyl Tin Mercaptan moves really little in PVC. Methyl Tin Pvc stabilizer has actually been approved by the German government health agency, the US Food and Drug Administration, the UK’s BPF and Japan’s JHPA. So in the USA, Europe, Japan and various other nations Mercaptan Methyl Tin Enabled food and clinical packaging PVC items and also water pipes.

4. Great Compatibility

Mercaptan Methyl Tin Pvc stabilizer and PVC compatibility is excellent, in PVC complicated is very easy to disperse, its handling products in the long-lasting usage will not precipitate. This will certainly not affect the surface area properties and electric residential or commercial properties of the items. The compatibility of methyl tin with PVC is far better than butyl tin as well as Octyl Tin.

5. Much better Liquidity

Methyl Tin Mercaptan can boost the melt activity of PVC and also make PVC have good fluidity in processing. Its plasticizing impact on Material is less than that of combined steel or lead salt stabilizer, methyltin is the very best warm stabilizer for inflexible PVC mixtures.

6. Excellent Resistance to Scaling

Making use of Methyl Tin Mercaptan will not scale sensation, can minimize the variety of clear equipment, boost manufacturing effectiveness, reduce production expenses and increase revenues

Why we utilize Methyl Tin Mercaptide in PVC industry?

Methyl Tin Mercaptide Warm Stabilizer (called 181 for short) is presently the plastic heat stabilizer with one of the most excellent performance, which is extremely effective for the rolling, extrusion, and also injection molding of tough PVC. Due to its high safety, it is specifically appropriate to food packaging as well as difficult PVC items (such as transparent fake products, plate products and warmth having membrane layers). Additionally, it has been widely put on plastic windows and doors, pipes, decorating products, so as to change other plastic warm stabilizers that have high poisoning. For that reason it has actually been widely used in the U.S.A., Europe, South Asia. Over current years, 181 has been used in a big quantity. Because 181’s stability is better than various other natural tin stabilizers, the appropriate items have better performance. So it has actually been widely invited by lots of large PVC-processing enterprises, coming to be the crucial adjutant in the handling of hard PVC.Toxicology Dental LD50 rat (Intense): 1.145 -1.840 mg/kg Advantages [High Heat Stability]

According to the appraisal of the international reliable organs, 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide has the highest possible heat stability and best early-phase coloring amongst the natural tin heat stabilizers.

The advantage compared with other PVC stabilizers

Little Dosage: At the very same result, 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide appreciates a little dose, 15-20% less than butyl tin, as well as octyl tin, with generally 0.8-1.5 shares.Reliable Safety And Security: Authorized by FDA for application as food packaging materials with the topmost dose of 2%.Exceptional Efficiency: PVC items utilizing 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide Heat Stabilizer appreciate high openness and also clean color shade.

The Main Application List

  • PVC film (Warm shrinkable packaging film, printing film, listing movie, kindling movie, and so on).
  • PVC sheet (transparent soft as well as hard movie, Christmas movie, Advertising and marketing Movie, substance movie, etc).
  • PVC fragments (granular products, digital communication tools housing, etc).
  • PVC building products (pipes and also installations, chemical pipelines, constructing materials, profiles, etc).
  • PVC clinical appliances (infusion sets, etc), food packaging products, family appliances as well as other items.


Storage Stored in a cool dry place. Packed in 220kg plastic pail or as per customers’ requirements.

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