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Reverse ester methyl tin

Reverse ester methyl tin is a transparent yellowish liquid. It is a new type of heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride and polyolefin plastic products. It can improve the processing performance of plastics, improve the surface gloss of plastics, and can achieve good processing performance and weatherability at low dosage. The product has good thermal stability, excellent compatibility with other PVC processing aids, and is widely used in PVC and other polyolefins (such as polystyrene, polyethylene) rigid profiles, sheets, and foamed boards.

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Methyl tin heat stabilizer is an organotin compound composed of methyl and tin. This product is a white powder or liquid (colorless or yellowish transparent liquid), with good heat stability and light stability, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting. It can be used as a high-efficiency heat stabilizer for PVC products such as calendering and extrusion molding, and can also be widely used in the film, pipe making, and electroplating industries for its excellent weather resistance.

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1. High thermal stability: Compared with acetylated monoglyceride esters of stearic acid, the same dosage of methyl tin stabilizers can save 20%~30%. Good transparency: Compared with epoxy soybean oil, the same dosage of methyl tin stabilizers can save 20%~30%.

2. No color change: Compared with other commonly used calcium zinc stabilizers, the use of methyl tin stabilizers can save 30%-40% without discoloration (such as color in leather).

Methyl Tin Heat Stabilizers are widely used in PVC heat stabilizers, and we are one of the best Methyl Tin Heat Stabilizer suppliers. Methyl Tin Liquid Stabilizer is widely used in the processing of PVC, mainly for the manufacture of rigid PVC products such as pipe and profile. Widely used in electrical components, auto parts, packaging film, and other industries.

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